other watercolours, all Vallon / Langa :

other side of the valley through the horsechestnuts from Vallon 3013 watercolour on HnM paper cm 45x53 on white@100 Oak watercolour 2006 @100tif

Other side of the valley seen through the 2 horsechestnuts from Vallon.

watercolour on Hahn.M. paper cm. 46x54, 2013.

The old oaks, looking down from Vallon 2006

watercolour on Fabbriano paper cm. 27x35.

Langhe towering 2013 watercolour on paper cm 45x53 with white @100

Towering Langa, lowering. 2013

Watercolour on HnM paper cm 47x 53.

duck red one 2013 from SGS watercolour on HnM pape San Giorgio duck red two 2013 watercolour on HnM p