vallon long tall and short: YGDRASSIL

a fig by any other name 2013

oil on folded aluminium cm 150x50.

lavagnino homage ygdrassil 2013 oil on alu cm 150x

lavagnino hommage: monte castello under a thickening sky 2013.

oil on anodised aluminium cm 150x50.

Ygdrassil 2013 oil on folded aluminium cm 150x50 @90 bormida 2011-13 oil on alu cm 150x50 @ 90

bormida 2011-13

oil on folded aluminium cm 150x50

orange bricco micorizzato 2011 @90jpg water skeeter @90 deep valley landscape with hands. 2010 2011

deep valley landscape with hands 2010-11

oil on aluminium cm 73x76

waterskeeter 2010-11

oil on stainless steel cm 73x76

orange bricco 2010

oil on aluminium cm 76x73.

Goodwin Blue moon vallon tree @72 c. 35x37 web

full moon vallon (persimmon, copali, autumn) 2011

acrylic gesso, pigments on wood

panel cm 42,5x40,5.