first work in Torino

small urb-scapes 2010-2011 all oil on hardwood each cm.30x40

docks towers on broken melamine-wood panel 2011 cm small urbscape docks 2 2011 oil on wood panel cm 3 small urbscape docks 1 2011 oil on wood panel cm 3 small urbscape docks 3 2011 oil on wood panel cm 3 long docks urbscape 2011 oil on wood cm 45x118 @ 9 man in desert (urbdocks) 2011 cm 52x105 @90

Long Docks urbscape  2010-2011  oil on seasoned hardwood cm. 45x118

Via Cigna Towers, towards Superga   2010/11

oil on wood and melamine panel cm. 45x94

man in artificial landscape   2011  

oil on wood   cm. 52x105.

The studio is in a listed 1911 railway freight-yard complex called Docks Dora. It seems I can't escape ships. Waiting on a last consighnment of foam-filled steel panels (possibly the last, as the factory is due to close down), I'd been preparing myself for the last stretched belgian linen I had. Before wishing to touch it, feeling my way into this new place, I painted what was out of the window on what I found under it. Chucked-out wood and melamine panels and the like. And I drew.

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Boatman in Docks 2011. oil on wood cm 55x89 @100

boatman in docks 2011

oil on veneered cupboard door cm 45x90

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