torino 2011 page 2

By a river. 2011. Oil and acrylic on linen cm. 145x115.

blue thinker by pool meets gaze. 2010-2011. oil an Red Po boat with 4 oars and one upright.2011. acry Po longboat with handles advancing. 2011. acrylic Portogruaro square dancing two.2011. oil on linen Portogruaro square dancers one. 2011. oil on linen boatmen. work in progress. studio Torino ottobre 2

six stroke boat. 2011. Acrylic on linen cm. 120x100.

Po rowing boat red and green. 2011.

Acrylic on linen cm. 145x115.

Portogruaro square dancers #1, 2011.

Oil on linen cm. 120x100.

Portogruaro square dancers #2, 2011

Oil on linen cm. 120x100.

Boat and rowers in studio 2011, wood, glass, canvas, paper, oil on stainless  steel cm 115x128.