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Above / sopra:


Cobalt Green Frana n°3, 2002, oil on stainless steel,

(see also catalog Lorenzelli Arte 2003)

with: Knucklehead Thermal, 2009, acrylic on strawpaper

cm. 60x40 mounted on wood in frame  cm. 84x64.

cobalt frana + thunderhead @90 Hyloicus pinastri @90 hexham + Dani # 100

Right / destra:


Hyloicus Pinastri, 2001

acrylic and pumice on wood,

cm. 50x50

Below / sotto:

Hexham Square (Steel Rigg), 2006-07, oil on 9 sheets of prepainted steel, each 76x73, mounted on studio wall to left of figure (Daniela Ramon). To the right 4 other single paintings from the Northumbrian group, each oil on steel.

Since before the turn of the century, living and painting mainly in the Langa hills, I have tried to attune myself to, and to register, natural processes, both the shorter waves or vibrations and the slower fluctuations in meteorological and geological movement in time. At first I was working with mainly pure organic line, embracing (if  carefully) its (for Richard Serra unavoidable, for Klee walkable ) power to suggest, connote, concretise.... all those words...even represent. Particularly after a journey in Namibia. Then the line got thicker... instead of pastels or brushes I was using knives or squeegees.... but the essence remained in the movement, and always listening to what was coming in.

Working at night, moths entered the studio and I found myself attempting to register the ways that the very different flight patterns and wing-beats of certain species altered the air-pressure (or whatever...) around me and what I was doing: humming- bird precise Hemaris, swooping, falcon fast Hyloicus Pinastri, slow flapping bass beat of Saturnia pyri, the largest european moth.

Out of this came a slower listening-looking, to the lumps and absences of the geological morphology, the shapes of the hills and valleys of this very particular land where slow sedimentary mudstone touches or is incised by igneous basalt upthrust on opposite sides of the same gorge or bricco. And their "negative shape" air masses in reciprocal determination. (see E. Longari's  I think excellent text in Lorenzelli 2003 cat.)

tightgnurl (Hexham)@90 flavinus no text

Tightgnurl (centre bottom of Steel Rigg)

Hexham 9 + six mix 1 copy

Flavinus signifer   2006-07 (above)

15 element poliptych, oil on pre-painted black steel sheet, each piece cm 76x73.

Flavinus was the standard bearer of the gallic cavalry cohort of the last roman legion to hold Hadrian's Wall, Northumbria. His memorial stone is in Hexham abbey.


This piece, along with Steel Rigg (below) and Hexham Cross came out of walks there, listenings and subsequent responses  in 2006.

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