paintings by period



Inevitably "periods" overlap and slide, as would an attempt at classification by materials.

Every painting has "cross-links" in time, materials, place, meaning. Going on building this site, in time, is a corollary.

The "Allegory and index" page, as well as being a planned exhibition title, wiil be an attempt to see these cross-links coherently, to articulate a thought.

The groupings made here are rough conveniences.

2006-08 Paintings on metal, 2nd group, mainly aluminium, mainly index.

2004-06 Mixed supports, canvas, wood, metal. The territory, stiil life, nature

2002-04 Paintings on stainless steel, 1st group. Resonant index.

1998-2001 Lines and fields. Mainly canvas, mdf and wood. Namibia works. Much paper.

1990's  The Sitters/Signori Seduti, the studio, the model, shitting in deserts.

1980's  Africa, Black plastic, Ships of Fools, canvas and wood, Drumheads.

chrysalid in studio