Dogboats, some walking:

left: Riverdog down blue. right: Red riverdog. Each cm. 200x220 oilstick on gesso'd linen 2012.

Round river dog 2012

cm. diam. 140

oil on gesso on linen.

down boat dog star man tondo 2012

cm. diam. 140 oil on gesso on linen.

dogboat Po rower with trees and sunspot 2013 oil on cardboard cm 110x300

downside up dog 2013 oil on cardboard cm. 110x300

upside dogboat 2013 cm. 110x351 oil on cardboard @100 dogboat sun spot with tree 2013 cm 110x350 oil on cardboard@100cut boat walking 2012 acrylic on linen cm. 195x115 @100

above: boatman 2011 oil on aluminium cm 80x45


right: boatwise 2012 acrylic on linen cm 195x115


below: boatwise 2012(L) on a river 2011 (C) and yellowboat gone 2012(R)

right: fourstroke float 2012 oil on melamine and wood cm 200x 90


below: Otto's legs 2012 oil on cardboard cm 200x90

studio torino 2013: (L-R) mountain, red riverdog, valley and palestine.

boatman balance 2012 @100 blue boat and man tondo 2012 oil on linen cm d 140 @90 monarch of the glen 2012 oil on linen cm. dm 140 @90 2 new large dogboats 2012 in studio @90 otto's reclining legscape 2012 oil on cardboard cm 90x197 @90 3 boats gone 2011 -13 @100 red dogboat and mountain with landscapes in studio 2012 @90 four stroke fathom 2011 cm.210x97 oil on formica s