Monographs, solo exhibition catalogs and selected critical texts.

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"Dipinti". Paul Goodwin.

Monografia collana "I Nuovissimi", a cura di Marco Meneguzzo. Colour, cm. 23 x 17.

texts: Marco Meneguzzo + Paul Goodwin (italiano.)

Nuova Prearo Editore, Milano, 1986.

pp 46, 1 double fold-out, rip.phot. col. 16, b+n 1. numbered copies: 2000, nos 1-100 hardback, signed.

"Paul Goodwin"

catalogo 105, Galleria Italiana Arte, Busto Arsizio (VA)

colour cm. 24 x 17 1987.

text: Stefano Crespi (ital).

pp 16, rip. phot. col. 6.  numbered copies.: 500


"Paul Goodwin"

catalogo 124, Galleria Italiana Arte, BustoArsizio (VA)

colour cm. 24 x 17 1991.

text: Riccardo Barletta (ital).

pp 22 rip. phot col 9. numbered copies: 500.

"Paul Goodwin: opere 1988"

Catalogo Galleria Seno, Milano, colour, cm 19 x 20,1988.

Text Paul Goodwin, with separate essay by Phillipe Daubry. (ital).

pp 28 (one double fold-out), rip. phot. col. 10, b+n 1.

"Paul Goodwin"

catalogo 56, Lorenzelli Arte, Milano.

Colour + black + white cm. 24 x 20, 1990/91.

texts: Paul Goodwin and Arthur Goodwin (Italian + english)

pp 28 rip. col 7, b+n 7.

"Paul Goodwin: A decade in Milan"

The University Gallery, Leeds. Colour and b+w, 1993. ISBN 1 874331 05 7

cm. 30 x 22,5.

Text Phoebe Tait, preface by Hilary Diaper. (english)

pp 32 rip. col.22, b+w 9.

"Paul Goodwin : Sitters and Seduti"

Catalogo 78 Lorenzelli Arte, Milano. Colour, b+n 1997.

cm 24 x 17.

Text "PG, seduta doppia" by Antonio D'Avossa. (eng/ital). pp 48 rip col.8 b+n 6.

"Paul Goodwin; opere recenti (recent work)"

Catalogo Villa Pomini, Castellanza (VA). 2000.

cm 25 x 23.

Text: A conversation between Seàn Shanahan and Paul Goodwin. (eng / ital). pp 72, rip col 22 b+n 3.


"Paul Goodwin: Oil on steel"                            

Catalogo 103 Lorenzelli Arte, Milano 2003.

cm 24 x 17.

Text: Elisabetta Longari:"Incontro con la pittura attuale di Paul Goodwin "("An encounter with Paul Goodwin's current painting"). (ital. / english).

pp 48 rip. col 15, b+n 1.

"Touch. Paul Goodwin"

catalogo Spirale Arte Contemporanea, Milano 2006.

cm 27 x 21.

Text: Alberto Fiz "Notes from a conversation with Paul Goodwin (appunti da una conversazione con Paul Goodwin" (ital./ english)

pp 48 rip. col. 19.

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lunch on congo c. panel @ 72 bolton cat cover0001 Thinker on the prow 1983 oil on canvas cm. 197x230

"Between Europe and Africa: Recent Paintings and drawings by Paul Goodwin."

Exhibition catalogue, Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, July - August 1984.

texts: David Morris and Paul Goodwin.

ISBN 0 906585 09 0    pp. 24. rip. phot col: 6, b+w/b+n: 9.    cm. 19.5 x 21

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Fold-outs with texts.

scarampi invite001 dram personae cover @72jpg pdf click cover pieghevole interno @72 pieghevole esterno @ 72

"Clouds and Water", 6 page fold out, Galleria La Contemporanea, Torino 2013. cm 21x21 pp.

click image for pdf download with texts by Michele Bramante and N. Pecile

costigliole cat cover@72

"Paul Goodwin: the Artist in his Studio" : 6-page colour fold-out exhibition catalog.

Castello di Costigliole d' Asti 1994. Text by Marco Meneguzzo. cm 21x22 click pdf

"Paul Goodwin: Dramatis Personae": 6-page colour fold-out exhibition catalog.

Galleria Fontanella Borghese, Roma 1998. Text by Alan Friedman. cm 23x22.

gipsoteca cover dorso @72

"Dialogo - Paul Goodwin nelle Sale della Gipsoteca Giulio Monteverde"

Bistagno (AL) 2015, catalogo cm 17x24

Texts: Eugenio Alberti Schatz, Paul Goodwin, Chiara A. Lanzi, Elisabetta Longari

Testi italiano / english

pp 64 foto a colore 49

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