Allegory + Index :

(and what might lie in between)

lumps, lines, likeness, signs

symbols, refinements, re-presentation


concretes, abstracts, rigours

not less monsterish in empathy

the look and the like

the smells of theatre, the church, my god,

the devil,

narrative, the subjective, addressmanship,


the gerund

I say to you, you, look at you, looking

loot, Lot's wife notwithstanding,

you'd be daft if you didn't look back.

As painting stands to likeness,

sometimes I have to change clothes to look

and be looked at

from more than one point of view. There


a tail. Following your nose down a trousers

seems easier (gravity) than up.

A nose for a tale takes you up one and back

down the other.

Leg. That is.

Francesco Poli in studio Goodwin tra tela e accaio

Francesco Poli, in the studio, jan. 2010.

man with plank @130

Man with a plank   1995   Oil on canvas   cm. 60 x 50.


Allegory and index is the provisional title for an exhibition  first planned in conversation with my friend Francesco Poli, author, critic and curator who lives and works between Paris, Turin and Milan. The intention is to explore the dovetail between two apparently diverse dimensions in  my  work . That is, in painting.

Allegoria e Indice é il titolo provisorio per una mostra progettata inizialmente in conversazione con mio amico Francesco Poli, critico e curatore che vive e lavora tra Parigi, Torino e Milano. Si tratta di una esplorazione del incastro tra due lati apparentamente contrastanti nel mio lavoro. Ciò è nella pittura.

Resonant Index

Concrete Allegory